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The Power to Change the world is In You!

Because the Future: " Women Who Changed The World " will be you and Me!  Whether it be through action or inaction, what we do has an effect on the world, no matter how small it seems to us.  Collectively we change the world and individually we choose what part of that change we are adding to.  


Looking at women today that are taking action, we can change our definition of hero or heroine.  As media is changing and communication making the world smaller, we have a chance to redefine how the world views women.  


We need constant reminders, a sister speaking to us just at the right moment.  Words are power because they affect our thinking.  Take hold of good words, thoughts, from other women and use them to change the world!


Women's Resources – Links to other organizations that can help you achieve your goals.

List of Organizations to support – Change Makers

Image of a Woman 

In the past media limited women, whatever images were chosen, by a man or salesperson.  Have you noticed the images that come up when you type in woman with any other words your searching for.  The internet was is inundated with degrading images of women, both in sexual and non sexual ways.  Yet, we have the power with the very same internet,  to change things.  I would like to see us flood the internet with good pictures of women, images of everyday women, doing great things to help the world.   Lets search good things attached to the name woman.  Lets flood the internet with good photos of women and marked with good keywords. 

Women in History

I have encountered history in many cultures and perspectives.  Many times I have looked at history and wondered what it was like daily, to live that life and how their actions affect us today.  This thinking helps me in my decisions, how my choices will affect others, both in my family and the community at large. Looking at women from the past we can learn how we got here and get inspired for what legacy we will leave.

Women Who Changed The World

Let us be the women who changed the world in a great way, let us explore how we can change the world in small and big ways, everyday in everything we do.