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Women and Wine on Wednesdays

Written by Carolynn

Women and Wine on Wednesdays

Women and Wine on Wednesdays is a host of women's networking groups across the U.S.  

A Business and Social Networking for Women: The mission of Women & Wine on Wednesdays is simply to provide a monthly forum for women to connect.  Events are held each month on the third Wednesday. There are no dues or fees to participate. 

Linda Brewster Meffert, the founder shared with me the Women and Wine on Wednesdays story.   After many years in corporate America, Linda decided to open her own financial practice, as a way to be more involved in her children's lives.  Linda had already made it a practice to spend one evening a month, away from her motherhood and dinner duties, for some respite time.  With a new business venture in the works, Linda now needed to network.  What is a woman in need to do?  Invite her friends over for wine of course!  Three ladies showed up the first time, but the next month 5 showed up and the next month 10!  Linda became the first client for a design firm and got the WWW logo which jump started that company and this went on growing businesses and the WWW attendance little by little more and more every month.  One day a friend in New York took a job in Houston and while visiting her, Linda immediately noticed she had no circle of friends or social life.  Linda worked her magic and helped her friend start the second Women and Wine on Wednesdays chapter.  A while later and word got around and someone in another city wanted to start one,  this was unexpected but Linda wanted to help.  This happened another 16 times and now there are nearly 20 cities hosting Women and Wine on Wednesdays.  

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