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US Army Blackhawk Pilot Elizabeth McCormick

Written by Carolynn

US Army Blackhawk Pilot Elizabeth McCormick

I have to give kudos here to Elizabeth, she is inspiration in many ways, one in particular I will get to at the end of this post.  First, let me tell you about what I know about her.  I met Elizabeth last year when she was speaking at local event.  I'm not sure what I expected hear from her story, a woman Blackhawk pilot.  Maybe, I expected to hear a lifelong preparation of events that made this achievement possible, or maybe someone who "got it all together" at early age, or maybe, my own ideas of from growing up in the military put some other expectations on what I might hear.  Whatever I thought I would hear that night, isn't what unfolded in her story.

She told a story of a gal that could've easily been a friend of mine.  She hadn't dreamed of this her whole life and thus prepared herself in every possible way since she could walk.  No, she was already a fully grown woman, living life, who realized she needed something better.  She looked at what is front of her and found her dream.  She chose a hard dream and a long journey.  I'm sure she didn't fathom how hard it would actually be, I guess a lot of things in life go like that.  We wouldn't do half the things we do if we knew in advance how hard they would be.  However, amongst her many hardships, she stayed the course with her decision all the way through to the end.  That is inspiring.  

All through her story she was giving us points on how to achieve in life.  Hearing these points straight from the person who had lived it and endured it, is what made this effective.  Hearing her story is what made these things real and doable, for me.  

Afterwards, I walked up and spoke with her.  In case you are wondering…what a woman Blackhawk pilot is like, in person.  She could still just as easily be a friend of mine.  Fully woman, fully a military pilot, all at the same time.  She showed a care for me and others with a friendliness that comes from people who have a true confidence.

So what is the other inspiration I mentioned?  It was during that night, that I decided I was going to write down my own list of Hero's.  I think this was when my daughter was still watching Disney channel and I was always hearing about the young singers and I had long ago tired of hearing our youth aspire to Hollywood and sports roles.  Not just because so few can make it there, but more so because the vast majority are not good role models.  Even when they are, what the kids see is rich and famous, that's what they are striving for and that thinking doesn't compute with me for good future leaders of our country.  So I decided that night that I would start making my list of hero's for my kids and I to look up to for inspiration.  Elizabeth was first on my list, of course.  She inspired the list and thus inspired this website!  So I owe a lot to her, now that I think about that.  

Elizabeth is doing a lot of great work right now, she has many different seminars and coaching programs going to help build confidence and teach you what you need know and do to Soar to Success!   Check out her website and follow her social media sites, you will be greatly blessed!   


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