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Military Women - WASPS
Written by Carolynn

Military Women in the United States 

The military is a great training ground for women.  It is one, if not The One, place in our society that trains women to be assertive and to be a leader while serving others.  In general, it has been a leader in civil rights simply by adjusting and following their own rules.  No entity is perfect and no one can control an individuals beliefs but the military sets policies and standards that do not tolerate discrimination.  

With so many career options in the military, a test is given at entrance called ASVAB to help guide you and the recruiter.  It's not about passing, rather, it's about finding your best current fit.  Just be prepared with good rest to be relaxed, so you are the best you, then embrace it as a guide that shows your current fit for service to others.  If its not what you want, find out what you need to do to get to where you want to be.  This would be an excellent resource for private sector organizations to use with some individual company modifications.  Just think employee retention rates and job satisfaction and you can see the monetary benefits looming.  Here are some resources for more about ASVAB:

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