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Carolynn Coachccf-member-Life-Coachccf-member-Executive-Coach copyGrowing up in the military, moving was a way of life, exposed to many cultural experiences spanning the globe I learned to appreciate differences and similarities.  My father was an officer and mom, a college graduate, was a homemaker and officers wife.  During the decades of my youth, life was changing for women with an emphasis on working outside the home and divorce on the rise.  Growing up witnessing the dual of roles of women created the vision of what we know of as the super-mom, "having it all".  With no brothers, I didn't face gender differences at home, and in fact was urged to go for leadership roles and education.  "You could be the CEO" are the words that ring in my head during a turning point conversation.  I believe this is how my story begins.  

Knowing the daily grind of working life at an early age, my first year of college was an awakening.  Suddenly, I was exposed to the possibility that I could effect the world in some way and so, that became my desire.  I didn't have a specific cause at first.  However, today, I see so many worthy causes that hit home for me.  That's what brings me here.  As the world and our country undergo large changes, we are seeing the pains that go along with that.  However, I see this as an opportunity to step up and be a part of what is happening, to not only effect the changes but lead the changes.  My dad being a huge history buff, growing up and in my life experiences I have encountered history in many cultures and perspectives.  Many times I have looked at history and wondered what it was like daily, to live that life and how their actions affect us today.  This thinking helps me in my decisions, how my choices will affect others, both in my family and the community at large. 

Carolynn Coach

This site is to encourage and empower us all to reach further than we ever have.  Looking at women from the past we can learn how we got here and get inspired for what legacy we will leave.  Looking at women today that are taking action, we can change our definition of hero or heroine.  As media is changing and communication making the world smaller, we have a chance to redefine how the world views women.  Far more can be accomplished with many, let's journey together to discover new things.  My intention is to bring the best resources, stories and information that I have discovered.  I am lifelong learner and desire the input of others, please let me know if you have something to share or know someone who does. 

The Power To Change The World Is Within US!