Carolyn Twietmeyer

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"It's Not About Me"

-Carolyn Twietmeyer​ 

 Carolyn is a wife and mother to 15! 

 It’s not about me.  Is the phrase I heard Carolyn speak 5 years ago.  Tears filled the room as Carolyn Twietmeyer told her story of  a self sacrificing love for a little girl across the world.  Carolyn leads a busy life indeed…international and special needs adoption, missions work, homeschooling, running a home based business and a non-profit and still the energy to train and  literally run for her TEAM TRUTH.  orignial CT run

What Carolyn Twietmeyer has done is crazy and amazing and wonderful and ever so awesome.  I can’t even keep up with all that she does, it’s so much.  One story of adoption would have been enough for most people, but she and her husband Kiel did it 7 more times and in the process founded an organization to help others adopt.  Now they have built onto that, an initiative to help families stay together.  Below, in her own words, is the Carolyn Twietmeyer story of abundant love and self sacrifice.  She is a hero, a heroine.   Most people can't seem to imagine doing all she has.  Yet, in most ways she looked like any one of us.  The difference?  When God called……she answered.   

twietsI founded Project Hopeful after my eyes were opened to the outdated and seriously-flawed immigration procedures facing adoptive families of international children with HIV/AIDS. That was only the beginning of some glorious eye opening, and the reality that ordinary moms can say YES and help make REAL CHANGE for the most vulnerable kids/people in the world.

Our family has grown 8 times through adoption. Most recently our 2 little ones with Down Syndrome. Understanding their plight throughout the world has once again rocked our world. 

The most “OVERLOOKED” have found places in our family and within our staff.This passion drives everything we do. These “issues” have names and faces. Our goal remains to pour out everything we have been given as a result. We pray that Project HOPEFUL is a safe place to learn, grow, share, and most importantly DO, for the sake of the ones that wait. We create models like Walk on Water Initiative, Guatemala  http://www.projecthopeful.org/walk-on-water-initiative. We keep first families FIRST through our HOPE+ programs, restoring HOPE for mothers with HIV/AIDS enabling them to keep their children. We create "FAMILY" by pairing US families and "SISTERHOODS" through our FIG (Family In the Gap) and HOPE+. This is PERSONAL, people!!

    I continue to speak on behalf of the voiceless, nationally and internationally and pour out my experience as a mom of many, and from hard places to whomever may need it! We continue with TV/radio appearances and writing to keep their voices LOUD! Our ONE TRUTH REMAINS – It is ALL FOR ONE

Visit Project Hopeful Here:     http://www.projecthopeful.org

Some additional videos about her story:


CBS family story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQJvlOdXb-0


Selah’s story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRxDRzZxDbI


Down Syndrome Adoption: 









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