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BB Crawford’s passion is to train people how to focus on what they desire in their lives without the distraction of anxiety, stress or emotional overwhelm.


BB’s life experiences and successes include being the mother of 4 phenomenal happy, well adjusted, self-sufficient adult children. A top Leader for Weight Watchers International, Lead Executive Recruiter, and MotivACTional Speaker/Coach. 


BB’s purpose began seven years ago when she learned the Anxiety Reduction Tools. She began working with Vietnam Veterans and returning Troops with amazing results. Vietnam Veterans were sleeping through the night for the first time in 35 years. OEF/OIF Troops symptoms of anxiety, anger and stress were reduced significantly. BB fell in love with the Military community. Training and coaching returning Troops, Veterans and their families became her main focus in life. In 2010 BB established her company Emotional Self Sufficiency (ESS). Creating ‘The ESSential Leadership Life Skills Training’. She does this at no cost to Troops as they have already paid the price in her eyes. BB funds her Pro Bono program by training and coaching individuals and companies in The ESSential Leadership Life Skills program. This is her life’s purpose to reduce anxiety, stress and emotional overwhelm in the world, especially for our Troops and their families! 


BB coaches and conducts trainings in this work around the US, as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan, UK, Canada and Australia via Skype. Present and past clients: Heritage Park Fitness, TX, Central Texas Community College the ESS program for young adults entering college, Silver and Gold Medal Olympic Athletes, National Chaplain Training Center for the V.A. in Washington, D.C., on Fort Hood, Texas for Troops and families, Austin Veteran Center of the VA, Fortune 500 company executives, non-profit organization across the US serving Veterans and families. 


Contact and Connect with BB Crawford:

Skype: BarBara Whorley Crawford @BBTheCoach


ESS | Emotional Self Sufficiency

Are you overwhelmed by the rigor of your career? Learn how to reduce the effects of trauma and anxiety to redirect your personal and professional focus.

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